Ptfe gasket

Cut/graphite gasket

Billi provides a variety of sealing gasket packages ranging from spiralwound, cut, PTFE and graphite Gaskets. Billi gaskets cover applications of static and also dynamic sealing by preventing the leakage of medium from the equipment.

Spiralwound Gaskets
High flexibility and resistance
Constant elasticity during hot-cold cycles
Inner rings design minimizes flow
Centering ring prevents radial flow of soft filling materials

Cut Gaskets
Suitable for gases or fluids
Good chemical resistance against most media
Excellent thermal conductivity
Can be stored indefinitely

PTFE Gaskets
High dielectric strength
Excellent electrical insulation properties
Low thermal conductivity and wide temperature resistance range
Low coefficient of friction
Insoluble and non-combustible

Graphite Gaskets
High Temperature resistance
High flexibility
Low permeability of liquids and gases
High resistance to chemical substances

Automotive, Agriculture, Cement, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Metalworking, Mining & Mineral, Material handling, Marine & Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Paint & Coating, Palm Oil, Pulp & Paper, Rubber, Textile & Fibre, Wastewater.