Metal foreign bodies 'contaminate' your product, and they can also cause severe damage to your machinery. Rejection of batches is costly, but it can be even more costly if the foreign bodies are not removed, making it necessary to conduct a product recall. You will then be faced with enormous costs and reputation damage. We offer an extensive line of products to detect and remove metal particulates in your product flow.

Wide range of product types and customization. Effectively filters metal contaminants from the bulk flow; function continuously and provide a high level of operational reliability. Can be used for virtually all product streams, production systems and types of product transport; free fall chutes, pneumatic chutes and belt conveyors.

  • Neodynium-Iron-Boron (Rare earth) : Very powerful, Lower resistance to corrosion
  • Ferrite / Ceramic : High corrosion resistance, affordable
  • Samarium-Cobalt : High stability and corrosion resistance.
  • AlNiCo : Complex shapes possible, High temperature resistance.
  • (Fixed inside stainless steel housing)

Automation, Automotive, Agriculture, Animal Feeds, Ceramic, Chemical, Construction, Food & Beverage, Metalworking, Minerals, Offshore, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Rubber, Recycling, Shipbuilding, Textile & Fibre