O - rings from Billi - seals are distinguished , depending on the material , by high thermal stability, good chemical resistance and good low temperature flexibility.

Good Thermal Stability
Good Chemical Resistance
Good low temperature flexibility

Natural Butadiene Rubber NBR, Ethylene Propylene Dien Rubber EPDM, Fluoro Natural Rubber FPM/FKM, Hydrogenated Fluoro Natural Rubber HNBR, Perfluoro Rubber FFKM, Silicone Rubber MVQ, Fluoro Silicone Rubber FMVQ, Chloroprene Rubber CR, Polyacrylate Rubber ACM, Butyle Rubber IIR, Natural Rubber NR, Polyurethane rubber AU, Polytetrafluorethylene PTFE, PTFE-FEP

Automotive, Agriculture, Cement, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Metalworking, Mining & Mineral, Material handling, Marine & Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Paint & Coating, Palm Oil, Pulp & Paper, Rubber, Textile & Fibre, Wastewater.